Attention ladies and gentlemen allow me a few minutes of your time to speak to you about an artist named Zorenzo.

Yes you read that correctly, not Lorenzo… Zorenzo, a name that matches the unique quality of artistry that this singer/songwriter embodies.  If you have never been gifted with the pleasure of actually witnessing one of his performances, then please allow me to paint a picture of this one of a kind musical explosion.

His voice alone draws the attention of your emotions.  It is distinctively raspy which for some reason seems to make his lyrics more raw and real.  We like it that way.  Us millennials have had enough of the cookie cutter, R&B sound, we want more edge, and we can thank Zorenzo for giving that to us.  The creative riffs and runs he uses to emphasize the feelings that he conveys through song has the power to vibrate throughout the whole entire room.  As he stands on stage sweeping his body side to side in a drowsy but upbeat manner, the words “YOU GET ME HIGH” echoes from the back of his throat, swimming seductively into ear canals, caressing eardrums and immediately engulfing the audience in a mesmerizing trance.  This man sings from the soul, which curates a feeling that he is able to drape over listeners like a early morning fog blanketed over street pavement.

His over the top theatrical performances demonstrates the immense amount of detail he pours into his craft.

“Ooh the drama darling!”  I have personally seen Zorenzo perform live several times. It always reminds me of a broadway musical.  This guy is full of surprises!  At times he will have dancers randomly pop out behind large life size pictures, breaking out into a full fledge choreographed performance.  He always seems to know just how to elevate the audiences’ experience.  The first time I seen Zorenzo perform was at Mumff ( Miami Urban Music and Film Festival).  He just so happened to be the headliner for the night.  He incorporated African face paint and ceremonial dance with his music as well as a skit that involved articles of clothing flying across the stage, and arguments over the phone with his on again off again “Saturday Love”.

Zorenzo utilizes the stage the same way the average person utilizes sh0wer time.  You know that moment when it’s just you, the music, and a hot shower, and you sing and dance like nobody’s watching, because literally nobody is watching?  This is exactly how transparent he is on stage.  He gets the room involved by asking people to join him as he closes out, jumping into the crowd, and randomly picking a special lady to sing his song or dance with him.  Simply incredible is the best way to describe what Zorenzo provides.

Zorenzo is currently sprinkling his talents across all of South Florida.

He keeps his week busy with performances and studio sessions, when he isn’t writing of course.  Overall from what I have observed there aren’t too many Zorenzo’s out there.  It is a rarity to find artists that are willing to put in the work necessary.  This is exactly the key element that will take him to the top.  Raw talent and genuine fan engagement  are just miniscule aspects of his artistry when compared to his outstanding work ethic, which includes writing songs and entire albums for other artists.  I see the looks in the eyes of the people when his music touches them, and that alone let’s me know that Zorenzo’s future is bright.  We are all looking forward to seeing the growth and success of this natural born star.