May is here! Wow, right?! The music scene is pumping up gears and new releases are hitting us from all areas. I wanted to introduce you guys to an artist, who should get recognized and of course LISTED by me (insert girl emoji with her hand out). He goes by the name of Frederick The Great and “the great” is not an understatement. He truly believes in what he does, which is a GREAT attribute to have, especially in the music industry, where its over populated…where EVERYone wants to be a RAPPER.  Frederick, reminds me of a younger Kendrick Lamar with a taste of Cole. His flow is un-deniable and he definitely has something we need [in music] …his story telling, nonchalant vibe is very easy to the ear. You can tell by the way his words collide, he’s a cool guy. I immediately fell in love with Frederick’s music when I heard him. He is the type of artist, who will brand his name through his music and stamp it throughout Broward County, a county full of countable [some notable] musicians.   One of his songs, called SOY, which stands for Sh*t On You is one of my favorites: Sing with me below..(insert mic)

“I remember days when you said that I wouldn’t make it..

Now I’m waking up like this is what I do..

And even though you might of slowed me down..

I got back up and rocked my crown..aint no love lost my nigga we still cool but

I can’t wait to sh*t on you”….

Soooo…..I was able to catch up with Frederick recently (April 21) to talk about his new project called ‘Paint’, which it set to drop this summer or fall.


 LH: What changed the last time we met?

Frederick: My direction changed. When we met, I was trying to figure out what I wanted but I knew I wanted to do music. I realized that music is beyond me, its what I do. Now I know what I want to do. Just music.

LH: Who/What are your influences today? Do you think music today is different from the 90’s?

Frederick: I’m influenced by hip-hop, jazz, r&b, soul and disco. I listen to a lot of different music. Music did change. There are definetly different sounds, different stories and different backgrounds in music today.

LH: So I see you have a new project called “Paint”, which I’m excited about! Why did you choose that title?

Frederick: I am an artist. Prior to the release of the artwork, before the idea, each song had different colors assigned to represent an emotion I was feeling. I feel like a lot of artist from south Florida don’t really have that “it” factor right now. The vibe right now is that most artist who are trying to come up are doing it for popularity contest.  I want more inspiration.

LH: Who do people say you sound like?

Frederick: I get that I sound like Kendrick and J.Cole, and an artist name Mick Jenkins. I get that a lot.

LH: I appreciate you allowing me to get some insight on what you have going on.

Frederick: I’ll be back on DAGR8FM when Paint drops.

Right now, you can find Frederick’s track called “The One” featuring Colin Ansby on iTunes and you can listen to his other songs of his “The Calm” EP, which is a short EP. If you haven’t heard it yet, make sure you check out his soundcloud page. I can’t wait until the release of Paint and for those wanting to stay updated with Frederick the Great, follow him on twitter. He is always blessing us with new music so don’t wait to add him and miss out on some GREAT music.


I am a radio host on WKMT- DAGR8FM digital radio for about 5 years now. I also do media hosting and interviews for individuals interested in being heard. I say that cause not everyone is willing to give another person a platform to speak their mind about a topic or promote their brand/business. I also work for a label, located in Miami, FL. My passions are in the arts and you will see that through my writing. I hope you all enjoy my blog and please feel free to comment. – Lady Hustle