Artist, Quran, better known as YQ DREAMS, set his mark on the music scene in his early teens when he started performing for his friends in middle school. Born in North Carolina, on June 27, 1997, YQ spent most of his time in New Jersey aka South Jersey with his relatives. Going through certain obstacles in his life, he found relief in music. He explained, how it’s living in South Jersey and how the music scene is “booming” but there aren’t any platforms showcasing talents such as YQ Dreams . So in order to display their arts through music, aspiring artist go to Philly to get seen or heard.

The lack of support is what drives these artist to [still] pursue their dreams and sometimes it means going to the next city or state to get recognition. And thats what YQ intends to do. He linked up with ImASaynt Records LLC  and is releasing his latest single called “Fuxkboy” ft. Renna (Prod. by CMPLX) on iTunes.  At the young age of 19, he wants to encourage others to keep pushing , especially when theres those in doubt. In song, Nothing From Us, YQ spits on how he is out here grinding, for all his doubters. He talks about the FAKE love thats currently the trend of 2017.

Inspired by artists such as Meek Mill, Logic and King Los, his lyrics are versatile. Talking to YQ, he said “I know my worth and I live off proving people wrong!” He is very confident for his age and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. Stay connect with YQ Dreams by following him on Instagram and Twitter,



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