The East Coast Rapper

Hailing from the southern city of Durham, North Carolina Fresh Gunna is a hungry rapper ready to dominate the east coast music scene. Gunna was a New York City-born kid who dreamed of performing since being introduced to poetry by his mother who was a fan of literature greats including Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston. Learning to take small aspects from his upbringing while living in New York and North Carolina, he created a sound of his own by having a New York rap style mixed with a southern sound. Gunna was able to create a sound fitted just for him as a youngster in high school.

Fresh Gunna decided to move back to Miami last year to pursue his career in music. “The music scene in Miami is booming and I’m just ready to be  a part of it.” Since moving from Durham to Miami he has noticed the difference between the two cities music scenes and he is 100% ready to take advantage of all opportunities that will be thrown his way. “I feel I have an eclectic sound of the east coast, any person will find my music relatable and enjoyable.”

Fresh Gunna has been low key most of 2017 due to his preparation of his debut EP “The Best You Never Heard” that will drop this year. Until then support and enjoy his music via SoundCloud and follow his journey on Instagram @freshgunna.