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JuJame$ Born and raised in Miami, Florida (opa locka stand up!!!!777) Julian James is all that he, as well a others say he is!!!!  A man molded, and formed from the hard, as well as good things he has seen, heard and most of all.......Survived!!!!777 After Being released from prison, in 2012 Ju has begun a tirade of remix, and style singles. revving up for the actual release of His first mixtape titled, ''WORK RELEA$E" !!!!777 In the Short year that JuJame$ was first back, he conquered the stage of Steel Toast night club on south beach, on his way to take first place, in the 30504 showcase. Which led to the filming and release of  his first visual, the dynamic ''REBEL" video. Which can be seen on Facebook by searching  Julian James .....or YouTube @JuJames1107....... You can also follow JuJames on twitter @_JuJames !!!!777 Not one to sit idle, JuJames followed the release of his "Rebel" video, with a way to enhance his experience as well as creating opportunity for his Soldiers. By writing and executive producing the hot single "We Mobbin" recorded and performed by the artist group "$olo Mob". They took home 1st place in the "Almost Famous 2 Conference". Never far from the Mic, JuJames was also a active artist/member of the group itself. Going on to build a very impressive resume. JuJames has touched base from sunny South Florida, as far as Montreal, Canada. to date,  Ju has continuously brought his “A” game whenever and wherever he performs his art. From blessing the Recording booth, Producing, Writing, Hosting, Exposing New heat (Whether his own or Others!!!), as MC/Hustler/Business Man. I suggest you tune in and judge for yourself, but what is being said is ........The" NEXT 2 BLOW " is here !!!!777

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