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Dagr8fm.com Billboard radio station is based out of Miami, Florida and it has physical representation
in New York , Boston, Maryland, South Carolina and is owned by Triple One Marketing and Management
Inc. Dagr8fm has an advantage of being owned by Triple One and all of the affiliates they have
accumulated, it has created an environment for Dagr8fm to be the most successful online radio station.
Dagr8fm is associated with indie and mainstream music, entertainment, fashion, multimedia, and more.
This company is committed to a goal of working with individuals and companies who are also driven to work
relentlessly toward their aspirations. With the plethora of avenues to get our clients exposed and being
online, we target local, national and international markets which we believe is our strength and will allow us
to give maximum exposure.

•Mainstream Artist : we provide more exposure, radio play or spins, interviews and royalties
•Multimedia :we provide a blog, advertising , event coverage, news, visuals, hosting ,promo and more
•Indie Artist: we provide interviews, radio play or spins, hosting, promo and royalties 


Take a listen to whats happening in Hip Hop Culture around the world on our LIVE radio shows .

With different radio personalities & dj"s giving you news & music.

Primetime from the MIAMI with one click to listen & tune in live now.

MONDAYS 8pm-10pm


Regina was first Introduced to the dagr8fm
on The Phoenix hour segment and now settled with veteran Dj Shortiano of the GR8 on The Weekend Rap Show on Saturdays from 5-8pm est. Regina continues to flourish here at Dagr8fm within two years of coming to our station she now has her own show Monday nights 7-9pm “The Arena” with Regina. “The Arena” where only the strong survives like Regina. Regina is a true independent flower that is not afraid to blossom !!

TUESDAYS 6pm-8pm

action RADIO

Action Radio, a 2 hour radio program produced by Marleana Wells. Aired every Tuesday from 6 pm - 8 pm on Dagr8fm.com radio. This show brings ACTION entertainment, news, music, people, and events locally and around the world. It is designed to inspire, inform, and entertain. Tune in every Tuesday 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

TUESDAYS 8pm-10pm

SATURDAYS 10am-2pm

SUNDAYS 1pm-4pm

the big mike show

Introducing The Big Mike show to the world. The Big
Mike Show is an internet caribbean, american radio
show, bring the best in reggae, socoa with a hint of
hip hop, R&B, and soul. The show as been three years
running on Billboard Charted Radio DaGr8FM ,three time a week . The show airs Saturdays 10-2pm ,Sunday's 1-4pm and Tuesday 6-8pm. The Big Mike Show covers a wide variety of entertainment topics, Such as artist interviews, film and movie reviews , concerts, festivals locally and worldwide. We invite our local and worldwide audience to visit www.Bigmikeshow1.com websites wish will take you to dagr8fm.com and all social media links. 

THURSDAY 8pm-10pm

the GROOVE LIVE show

“The Groove Live Show” hosted by Melo Jones is a radio broadcast program about philosophy and psychology.  Its main focus is to broaden the minds of its audience to accommodate a much more collective way of thinking.  Every show includes topics that reflect local and global issues affecting our society and ways in which to combat them.   The topics are also meant to address conflicts within our own psyche and natural behavior.  The show itself is very interactive with topics being discussed with guest hosts as well as call-in responses and testimonies from audience members.  Another aspect of the program is the music segment that follows a certain music focus based on seasonality and the topics themselves.  Overall, the mission of “The Groove Live Show” is to challenge the thought process of the average individual and broaden their minds to what the world could actually be.


the battle of the sexes

Battle Of The Sexes is an internet based radio show that has been running for two years on WKMT-DB DaGr8FM. The radio show streams live every Wednesday from 8:00 PM TO 10:00 PM. People around the world can listen to show by visiting the website www.dagr8fm.com or by downloading DaGr8FM app to their mobile devices. Battle Of The Sexes engages in topics of relationships, friendships, and societal matters with point of views from men and women. Listeners can also catch up on the latest celebrity gossip while hearing the greatest R&B and Hip-Hop music.


THE weekend rap up

“The Weekend Rap Up” hosted by DJ Shortiano Da Gr8 is a radio broadcast program about old school hip hop & the mix .  Its main focus is to stay true to the culture of hip hop by spinning old school & classic hits .  Every show includes exclusive mix & hip hop  history.  The show itself exposes  old school, classic hits & exclusive mixes ON AIR. Overall, the mission of “The Weekend Rap Up” is to represent  the root of  hip hop culture & to spread hip hop history.

SATURDAYS 8pm-10pm

The freelance show

“The Freelance Show” hosted by DJ Yuckmouth is a radio broadcast program about urban & independant artist .  Its main focus is to broaden the minds of its audience to a wide range of talented urban & independant artist .  Every show includes artist that represent national & international locations.  The show itself exposes  urban independant artist & breaks their music ON AIR. Overall, the mission of “The Freelance Show” is to represent  & level up the urban independant artist & their music exposeing it to the world.




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