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Dagr8fm Online Radio Station is a Miami-based digital radio station with a physical presence in New York, Boston, Maryland, and South Carolina. Owned by Triple One Marketing & Management LLC, Dagr8fm has become the most successful digital radio station in independent and mainstream music and advertising. Dagr8fm is known for being strongly associated with indie and mainstream music, entertainment, fashion, multimedia, and entrepreneurs. We provide radio airplay, interviews, videos, podcasts, blogs, media coverage, social media promotion, and advertising.

Dagr8fm is committed to working with individuals and companies who are driven to work relentlessly towards their aspirations and goals. We offer a plethora of avenues to get clients exposed while being online, targeting local, national, and international markets. This strength allows them to provide maximum exposure.

Dagr8fm offers brand exposure, radio play or spins, interviews, and royalties for mainstream artists. For multimedia, we provide a blog, advertising, event coverage, news, visuals, hosting, promo, and more. For indie artists, we offer interviews, radio play or spins, hosting, promo, and royalties. With a focus on promoting and supporting their clients, Dagr8fm is the go-to destination for those looking to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

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