Regina Rohena
Regina Rohena is an inspiring actress, working model, and radio personality at Dagr8FM Radio
Station. She’s a true New Jersey Shore girl now resided in Miami, FL and adapting to the
atmosphere. Regina’s a Co-Star of the Best in Florida Award Winning web series "The End is
Near" featured on YouTube. Regina started acting in theater portraying the wife of the late great
Martin Luther King Jr, Coretta Scott King. The Bishop's Kids Production toured the Northeast
and had 9 running show
Big Mike
Michael G. Smith (AKA) Big Mike was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I., on June 14. He is the 9th of nine children born to Rupert and Hilda Smith. Big Mike grew up between Jamaica, London, and US. He attended St. Peter Cleaver Elementary and completed his high years’ between Kingston College and Norland Senior High School in Miami Gardens, FL.
From there he enrolled into Miami Dade College North Campus, it was there that he developed his love for music. He began working on campus at the Audi
Check out Marleana Wells, an aspiring young actress who resides in Miami. From an early age, Marleana has been involved with all sorts of artistic backgrounds including acting, filmmaking and radio. She continutes to dive deep into numerous artistic endeavors and is dedicated to producing and creating her own films.
DJ Shortiano Da Gr8
Dj Short also known as Shortiano Dagr8, aka the voice that will make your girl moist began his career in the music industry in the 90’s. Dj Short started his career in his early teens, carrying crates for B. P. E Express Dj’s and learned the craft and began spinning tracks a year later under their tutelage and sharpened his skills by working with Dynamite Funk Express Dj’s. During Dj Short late teens, the Miami underground radio became massive and controlled the airwaves. During those years Dj
Yaya Short
Melo Jones
Melo Jones is one of the most tranquil and even-tempered individuals to ever grace the face of planet
Earth. However, underneath this cool exterior lies an unyielding passion for righteousness and justice.
His cool demeanor draws people in, while his unwavering outlook on life tends to keep them on their
toes. As a fierce advocate for diplomacy, Jones strives to eradicate the barriers that stifle us from a
genuinely unified society. Highly critical in nature, Jones challenges the political, envi
Iamdubctv on the Mic began her career as an entrepreneur back in 2014 while attending school, and becoming a caregiver.

She is a proud product of Miami-Dade County where she resided from Little Haiti, North Miami, and Broward County. She graduated from Miami Jackson Senior High School, "GO GENERALS"! And continued her education, and obtained her degree in Marketing from the ONLY HBCU in SOUTH FLORIDA, Florida Memorial University; where she was active in several clubs, and organizations.
DJ Yuckmouth
Born & raised in Miami, FL, Dj Yuckmouth always had a passion for music. From being in the band in his high school to playing the drums for his church choir, Dj Yuckmouth always knew music would be the instrument for him to make people feel good. Graduating high school while being in the Drumset, Dj Yuckmouth then picked up some turntables and begin his quest as a Dj with experience in music in hand Dj Yuckmouth started Djing at small parties & local lounges. Later on his journey to become to be
Lexus Love
Lajan King
Kingz Creationz
D'shon El Villano
Cap OG
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