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Da Messiah Of Lansing | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

DA Messiah of Lansing | DAGR8FM Blog

The Messiah is traditionally known as the son of the Almighty God meant to spread the message of God to the people of the Earth. Unveil to the masses his irreversible intentions and, in some ways, personify fate. Derange Da Messiah is no different, committed to dropping nothing but knowledge and truth to his fans. Born in Blytheville, Arkansas but carrying Lansing, Michigan on his back to the fullest, Derange da Messiah is making waves on the urban hip hop scene. From the tender age of 14, Derange has been writing and reciting raps with peers and continued to develop his craft well into adulthood.

After many years of honing his skills, Derange Da Messiah began to gain notoriety and a steady fan base. He has been an opening act for Corey Gunz of Young Money Cash Money’s “Get Money Stop Hatin” tour as well as for famous boxer Roy Jones Jr. 's label Body Head Banger Ent. However, being the messiah that he is, Derange eventually headed into the management and production realm himself and started up a few of his own businesses. The first is Cash Me Out Records of which he is the C.E.O., then there are Iced Out Records and High Risk Ent where he holds the position of co-founder.

As a result of his ambitious entrepreneurial endeavors, Derange da Messiah has produced an abundance of music and entertainment material. He currently has 5 released solo albums (I’m on 10, Fire in My Eyes, I’m not Mean I’m Just Real, Portrait of a Soiljah and Derange is Coming), 3 group projects (The Family Affair, Hyena Squad, and The Ultimate Hustlahs) and has been featured on major industry mixtapes such as Young Money’s Unsigned Hype Volume 17 and Dy’ Young Cee’s Volume 56 Fight Night on Derange has an immense passion for preserving the creative and artistic elements of his music and, as a result, has stayed independent for the majority of his career. Having absolute creative control over his productions is how he authentically conveys Da Messiah’s message to the world.

Derange Da Messiah’s message is especially clear in his banger “Crazy World” that is taking the world by storm. This record sheds light on the subtle toxicity that continues to erode the moral and ethical values on which The United States was founded. He addresses the overt racism, hatred, bigotry and divisiveness that has plagued the country following Donald Trump’s presidency took place in late 2016. The music video depicts images of American citizens rampaging the streets in violent riots in opposition to Trump taking office as well as all the turmoil that has unfolded as a result. Da Messiah explains to us how he, along with many of us, is trapped in a crazy cold world and has to trust in a higher power to guide him through this darkness.

Overall, Derange Da Messiah is a man of many hats continuously looking to add to his creative repertoire. Under his record labels, he is currently working on new content and is open to collaborations with others that share his desire to make music meant to inspire the hearts of many. His music is available on all major music platforms like Soundcloud and Reverbnation. Derange Da Messiah is very much on his way to becoming a household name. One that is devoted to spreading his messianic message to millions for many years to come.

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