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Music Is Life!!!: HBCU South Florida | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Music is life - DAGR8FM Dancehall

(Left to Right Made In Philly, Wise Men Group [WMG], Florida Memorial University [FMU] Professor Yarling, Kent Jones Official DJ DJ Traphouse, Cleanfacejr, Jayshepardmusic, and DJ Ivory from 103.5 The Beat)

A HBCU homecoming brings laughs, good food and everlasting memories. Florida Memorial University, the only HBCU in South Florida, is celebrating their homecoming week from February 2-8, 2020. On February 3, 2020 Battle Of The Sexes very own IAmDubC and LexusLove had the opportunity to experience a taste of the homecoming culture by attending the “Music Is Life” educational forum presented by DJ Traphouse, HomeTeamPresents LLC & Florida Memorial University SGA.

Students were able to have an open panel discussion with artists, producers, and professors such as Jay Shephard, Made In Philly, WMG Boowie, professor Yarling and Clean Face Jr. Each individual informed students of their experiences in the music industry and what it took to become who they are today. When asked “how can one get to shadow someone in the industry”? Producer WMG Boowie advised “really know what you want to do and know what’s going to get you in the room”. Taking care of oneself while trying to pursue a career or dream can be challenging at times. The question “how do you take care of you”? came about and artist Jay Shephard informed students that he meditates. “Knowing who you are is very important and what you portray on the outside is what you’re facing on the inside '' said Jay Shephard.

WMG Boowie said something that stuck with everyone in the room, “the music industry without good business is just an expensive hobby”. Being a college student and figuring out what one wants to pursue as a career can be frustrating. The “Music Is Life” forum eductated a lot of students who want to have a career in the music industry, whether it's being the next big artist or producing a hit song, students were able to leave with some clarity. Overall this forum was not only educational but well needed. In the words of Profesor Yarling “in everything that you do, energy plays a major role. Keep your energy clean”.

If you would like to follow the panelists and those who put this forum together, you can check them out at the following Instagram handles:

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