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Pick Your Struggle: Bad Music or Bad Image | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Music has really evolved especially in today’s world. Some artists have great music but their image sucks. Then you have artists whose music isn’t so great yet their image is out there and eye-catching so you become intrigued and may listen to a few of their songs. However, you can’t have bad music and a bad image! At that point, you’re wasting your time and money.

Kiddo Marv has been in the music scene for some years. His debut mixtape: Dying 2 Live was released back in 2015. Unfortunately for him, his music isn’t all that great. Actually, let me correct that . . . Any song of his without a feature isn’t good except “Heart Breaker” but let’s be honest, the remix with Tokyo Jetz was 10 times better. Moving forward, on top of the music, it seems like his image is going downhill as well. Kiddo Marv posted an Instagram photo of him and a Chucky doll named “Lil Ti Zak”. This image seems a tad bit familiar.

Reign Rx, also known as K Reign, was in the music scene for a while until she kind of disappeared. She’s currently focused on being a mom to her baby boy. Reign Rx was known for carrying around her Chucky doll. It was her image and her statement. When you saw her, you saw the Chucky doll. Everywhere she went, that doll was right beside her.

Well, Kiddo Marv, I think it’s time to pick your struggle. You can’t have bad music and a bad image. The Chucky doll look isn’t for you. You should focus on making better music. Also, if you’re going for a new image, try not stealing someone else’s.

Photos - Courtesy of Instagram & Facebook

Social Media Links: @kiddomarv @reign.mcquay


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