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Artist Phokis Spotlight: Omeretta The Great | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Omeretta the great | Phokis hip hop blogspot

When running through today’s landscape of “true” Female MC’s that is able to deliver with the lyrical strength and poise through a male dominated industry, who isn’t backed by plugged music hubs, it’s one name that has to be mentioned if you aren’t already familiar with it & it’s Omerretta The Great. A Atlanta (Zone 3) native who decided to start taking  her music journey seriously after quitting college 2016, she released her debute mixtape Black Magic: A Dose Reality December 2016 that alone show she made her mind up and was ready to work. With reviews that made her among the up and coming female’s MC to watch in Atlanta, she manage to gain 600k instagram followers who evidently see what you, me and a piece of this social media world sees. She’s a Star, while being co-signed by YFN Lucci and to have said they have unreleased tracks, you could only imagine what’s to come. With Releasing the video of “Dats Cap” December ‘17 she ended the year pretty strong leaving us all waiting. In her current interview with DJ Smallz this year she state that it was a time where she wanted to quite rapping last year. She really didn’t speak too much on it but... To me it sound like the mistake that many great people do before they actually realize that they are “Great”. Which gets themselves in binding situations unknowingly that make bad business decisions because the creator is loosing. But with whatever that situation is , it looks like it’s behind her and it looks like she’s ready to tear the game a new rectum 😂😂 BUT CHECK OUT HER VIDEO "DATS CAP"!!! Follow @omeretta



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