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El Badguy Show is a Spanglish radio show/podcast hosted by D'shon El Villano and DiRagga.

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

El BadGuy Show is a renowned Spanglish radio show/podcast hosted by D'shon El Villano and DiRagga that has been covering hip-hop culture, lifestyle, and events since 2016. The show airs on WKMT-DB DAGR8FM RADIO every Sunday from 7 pm to 9ishpm and is known for playing the best hip hop, Latin hip hop, reggaeton, trap, Latin tropical, and folklore music genres.

D'shon El Villano and DiRagga are both respected figures in the hip-hop community. D'shon El Villano is a Miami rapper, songwriter, producer, and radio personality who has been active in the industry for over 2 decades. He is known for his raw, unfiltered approach to music, his dedication to the culture, his energetic live performances, and his ability to blend different musical styles seamlessly.

DiRagga, on the other hand, is a Mexican designer, documentarist, photographer, producer, and entrepreneur who has also been a fixture in the hip-hop scene for many years and has made a name for herself in the Miami art scene and has had a hand in the growth of Mexico City’s hip hop culture.

Together, D'shon El Villano and DiRagga bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to El BadGuy Show. They use their platform to highlight up-and-coming artists, discuss important issues affecting the hip-hop community, and provide a space for fans to connect and engage with the culture.

One of the unique features of the show is the live interviews with guests from the hip-hop world. Over the years, they have interviewed a wide range of artists, producers, DJs, and other industry insiders. These interviews offer a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of hip-hop and provide valuable insights for aspiring artists and fans alike.

Overall, El BadGuy Show is a must-listen (Sunday 7 pm to 9ishpm) for anyone interested in hip-hop culture and music. With its dynamic hosts, diverse musical selection, and engaging content, the show has become a beloved institution in the Spanglish radio landscape.

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