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Drinks With Blaque Da Bartender | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Blaque the bartender - Phokis Hip Hop Blogspot

Who is Blaque Da Bartender


Born in Miami, FL at Jackson Memorial Hospital to Haitian parents, Marsha Pierre always knew she would be destined for greatness. She had dreams of being a Registered Nurse since the 9th grade. So that was the journey she set for straight out of high school however she got pregnant her 2nd year of college. She was obviously a bit devastated because of course it wasn’t planned but she just knew if this was happening then this was the road that was set for her life. She strongly believed that God would turn her bad misfortune into good. Not saying her baby daughter was bad but honestly it wasn’t the right time or situation for Blaque Da Bartender. So here she is now a mother aim to survive & succeed. Then she meet this man from New York. They got into a relationship and she moved. Yup she packed all her shit got her child and left. Oh why did she do that lol? She quickly realized that wasn’t the place for her to be. Still being in a relationship with her then boyfriend she moved back home to Miami, FL.  She then got re-enrolled in school and was again on her journey to becoming a Registered Nurse. It was then that someone she knew mentioned to her why don’t you become a bartender. I think this was like 2011. We spoke about it. She gave it some thought but didn’t quite pursue it. In 2013 she finally decided to take that leap of faith. During a college break she enrolled at ABC bartending school, did the 2 week course and got her bartending license. She was so excited until she couldn’t find a job. She tried everywhere you can name. She was down on south beach bar to bar everyday. She ended up getting a catering gig and two other gigs for stadiums and arenas but those jobs were on a on call basis. She wanted something more stable but that was a struggle. It didn’t take her long to realize that black Women bartenders are not represented everywhere. Most of the Black Women Bartenders she saw were in strip clubs and there was no way she could work in a strip club being a single parent to a small child. She was super frustrated and upset. She wanted to be making the good money she knew could be made on a more consistent basis. That’s when she birthed Signature Cocktails by Blaque. She was really talented at making drinks but no one knew because of where she was working. So she started making drinks and selling them from home. That was the beginning of Blaque Da Bartender. From there her passion grew more and more. Being in catering and working several events throughout the years she learned so much. With that experience she started her own mobile bartending company and she haven’t looked back since. Blaque Da Bartender's mission was to employ black women only because she knew how hard it could be for women like her. In 2017 she decided to take some time away from her business to finish up her nursing degree but she found herself being miserable. After failing one course she made a decision to take some time off from nursing school and got her business in order. In December 2018 she relaunched her mobile bartending company as The Blaque Experience separating it from her signature cocktails brand and now She's ready to take on the world.



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