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Intuition Over Logic: John Melo | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Intuition > Logic - John Melo | DAGR8FM - Urban Music Radio Station Miami
Intuition > Logic

They say, our first impression is just an initial judgment. To me, the word judgment is a bit too harsh - it's more of superficial analysis of a situation, circumstance or living thing. Judgment is when you have adequate knowledge of the ins and outs of a particular occurrence from which you can make an informed decision as to whether or not the parties involved are right or wrong based on a moral/ethical foundation (i.e laws, rules, policies). Intuition, however, is a whole other animal because it follows the same procedure that judgment uses to make a decision but without any sort of logical base. It's that gut feeling that we get about a person, a situation ,a potential business endeavor etc. Everything is on an emotional level - how we feel about a situation not necessarily the physical evidence, details or facts that are presented before us but more of the deeper meaning or message this knowledge is trying to convey. Despite this, many times in life we ignore our gut instincts and suppress our intuition nearly for the sake of being congenial, partial and diplomatic to instead rely on political, religious or cultural indoctrination to form our decisions. What gives these mediums precedence over our own internal psychic nature? What methods of reasoning were used before these doctrines even existed? I asked myself this all the time because often times I ignore my own instincts and go the more logical route. The more I progress in this journey through life more I understand the importance of trusting in our own innate psychic nature. I believe intuition and instinct are the universe's ways of communicating with living things on a spiritual level. Just like when animals are first born and they already sort of know what to do as far as what is best for themselves and what is best for the environment around. Are we not animals just like them, biologically at least? I mean, our egos may not accept that notion but scientifically it can be proven. So if that is the case why don't we follow the same example as them? I've pondered on this question for many many years. I used to think our instincts were trying to misguide and confused me but really they are trying to protect me and help me understand what is going on from a more grand perspective. Our belief system derived from indoctrination and influences outside of our psychic nature have led to the most destructive wars, genocides and enslavements of the human era. Yet, we continue to believe, somehow, that they will be the means to our end destination. Maybe it's time we confide less in the indirect, more socially acceptable mediums for connecting with the spiritual realm and more to the spiritual realm's direct connection with us...


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