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Carolina's Lucky Number XIII | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Carolina's Lucky Number | DAGR8FM

From a small town called Rock Hill in South Carolina Dagr8fm presents “XIII” aka “13”. He comes from a very musical upbringing surrounded by producers and musicians alike. Music has been running through his veins since birth but he didn’t start creating productions of his own until his adolescent years. Back in his grade school days, he would freestyle rap battle with his peers during lunch break. Fast forward almost a decade and now XIII, born Anfernee Robinson, is writing full songs, producing, engineering and everything. Music was the way he stayed disciplined throughout all the distractions that the average highschooler faces; drugs, sex, alcohol, crime etc. It kept him out of trouble and focused on achieving his goals.

XIII describes his music as a mix of trap, rock and a plethora of other genres he was exposed to as a child. His father was heavily into the Funk Era and loved acts like Prince, Cameo, and Con Funk Sho. His mother was a huge Erykah Badu fan as well as the other artists of the Neo Soul age. He himself is an avid rock music enthusiast who loves Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and Linkin Park. These influences plus the inspirations he got from his high school peers and the whole Chief Keef drill music era are the primary elements that comprise his music.

Currently, XIII is focused mainly on the production aspect of the industry. He just released a new EP entitled “ A Quarter til Midnight” as the main producer and artist that features lyrics contributed by other artists. This work is a great reflection of the different genres he was exposed to during his upbringing. Everything from the bass, the snare, the cymbals, the melodies, the structure all represent the fundamental elements of rock, trap and neo-soul - essentially the musical foundations of his life. Versatility is what he strives for, music that cannot necessarily be categorized but instead simply experienced and enjoyed.

Ultimately, XIII hopes that through his music listeners can get a bit of insight into his world. Give them a deeper look into how he has seen, done and experienced in the world around him. As for future projects XIII hopes to work with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J Cole , EarthGang, XXXtentacion. He also is working on a new project set to be released in the fall. XIII is an up and coming musician using his multidimensionality to captivate the lives of millions.

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