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2 Dope Boyz & A Camera | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 21

2 Dope Boyz & A Camera | DAGR8FM
2 Dope Boyz & A Camera

Believing in their cinematic craft so much is what got them where they are now. Creative ideas & bomb-ass projects added to their portfolio, they established a strong business relationship and did not know each other for a long period of time. In less than 2 years, with No Film School, just pure creative talent the duo consider themselves perfectionists. There Are two types of film directors in this world, the ones who seek to imitate the world in which they live & the ones who put a lot of substance & time into creating their own world.

The most iconic & original music video “All hail to who ENDURETH” produced and directed by the duo Nobelenci and Mike Sauers. Had the pleasure of working with a local Miami, FL artist by the name of Knarley Noso.

During that part of the interview, I asked how the duo picks their clients like Knarley Noso. Mike responded “we're in a space where we give as much as we possibly can & we appreciate artists who are open-minded to our creative style” thus creating a masterpiece that will get the exposure it deserves.

Nobelenci started off acting and writing, while exploring his gifts he started writing scripts & screenplays, He took on his first project for a visual called HEARTBREAK inspired by the 2011 Movie Drive with leading actors Ryan Gosling & Carey Mulligan.

While Mike took a few classes in high school, having that advantage his father was into Architecture photography while growing up he saw cameras laying around, got to experience its own art form and his father was his mentor.

When mentioned which filmmakers influenced them the most, Nobelenci didn't know how much potential he had & wasn't into film, but was a big Quentin Tarantino fan. Playing soccer most of his life Mike wasn't for sure film was what he wanted to do. Christopher Nolan being a huge inspiration pushed him to pick up the camera 3 years ago. Neither one has looked back ever since. Opening a Production Company together called DFRNT Breed Film, the two together are an undefeated duo.


Staring: @lene_ig & @_cesarpichardo, Directed & Shot By: @bignobelenci, Assistant Director: @heyraven, Editing By: @directedbyjosh, Production By: @kdmcreativestudio.

Song: Kavinsky- Nightcall (Drive Original Movie Soundtrack)

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