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Indianapolis's Haven Way | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Haven's Way | Phokis Hip Hop Blogspot | DAGR8FM

All the way from Indianapolis, Indiana Dagr8FM presents Haven Ways. Born June 8th, 1996 Haven Ways is the youngest of 5 children introduced to the world of music by a cousin named Deejay. Growing up, his life was far from perfect. Diagnosed with A.D.H.D. as a youth, Haven Ways struggled to excel academically and socially amongst his peers. Family life was not ideal either, both of his parents were together for the beginning of Haven Way’s life into his adolescent years. Everything changed when his father began developing an excessive drinking habit. His irresponsible behavior grew so rampant he ended up losing their family home and they were forced to move in with relatives. This resulted in a slew of financial woes and shortcomings that began to take a major psychological toll on Haven Ways and his family. These issues reflected in his performance in grade school. He began to focus more on his external issues than his school work which led him to drop out during his senior year. Fortunately, after realizing that he, along with all the other dropouts, was headed down a very dark road that would probably have ended him up dead or in a prison cell, Havens Ways made the conscious decision to re-enroll and complete his secondary education.

During these tough times,Haven Ways really started to take his music career seriously. He had always written songs but now they were so much more meaningful. He wrote about the many turmoils of his upbringing like living with a disability and experiencing the negative effects of alcoholism. He began using his writing as an emotional outlet, a means to maintain sanity in a world plagued by strife and inequity. One of his most popular tracks “Trying”, available now on all music platforms, is a primary example of his mindset. The song itself is beautifully produced featuring subtle bass kicks, piano notes, and string instruments to really give off an R&B meets neo-soul/jazz vibe very reminiscent of artists such as Chance the Rapper and Lyfe Jennings. As for the message being conveyed, Haven Ways simply says that despite all that he has gone through in life so far he will persevere. He talks about hoping to “touch a million”, drowning the feelings that have consumed him for so many years, and how he refuses to settle for his current circumstances. This track is surely to become an anthem for individuals feeling defeated along life’s journey.

Presently, Haven Ways is working hard in the studio finalizing his upcoming motivational E.P. project titled “Commitment” set to release in August of 2020. He is also in the developmental stages of an L.P. called “C.P.M.” (Coach Player Mascot) as well. He hopes his career will lead him to collaborate with some of his industry favorites like Starlito and Don Trip. Through his music, Haven Ways aims to connect with those who feel unworthy or defeated due to their circumstances. For now and for many years to come, this man will be showing us how to overcome our demons to fulfill our destinies; the Haven’s Way.

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