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The Guiding Light: Critian Music Artist | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Titus Horace | Cristian Music Artist | DAGR8FM

Hailing from rolling hills of sweet home Mobile, Alabama, Dagr8fm presents christian music

artist Titus Horace. His career began in his hometown’s Guiding Light Church where he sang

the gospel as a member of the choir. Singing has always been a way for Horace to strengthen

his relationship with God as well as inspire others with the miracles that believing in Christ can

bring. Growing up, Titus was heavily influenced by Kirk Franklin’s music, artistry and uncanny

ability to communicate God’s word to the masses. This is particularly evident in Horace’s music

style which he considers to be a combination of righteous Gospel teachings and soothing

elements of Rhythm & Blues.

Titus Horace credits his Lord and Savior for providing him with the “guiding light” to navigate

throughout the many trials and tribulations that he has faced along his journey. By being a

vessel through which God can operate, Horace was able to turn them into triumphs. He

elaborates on this notion in his hit single “Nothing but You” talking about the dark times he

faced due to his divorce in 2014. This track showcases Horace’s voice and incredible

harmonizing capabilities. The upbeat tempo and lyrics create an almost “feel good” quality to

the sound while still speaking on the wonderful works that God has done for him in his life.

As for future projects, Horace is set to release a new track called “Angel” in June that will be

available on all major music platforms. He is also open to features and collaborations with other

artists who share the same visions, values and ideals. Horace believes that it is imperative to

venture out of his comfort zone for musical growth and development. For Titus, music is his

way of expressing the overwhelming joy and glory that comes with following God’s path. He

hopes his music can broaden the minds of people around the world to the bountiful blessings

that God has in store for us when we surrender and trust in his merciful leadership and


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