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VooDoo Muzik | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023


Born and raised in Port-Au-Prince (Haiti) on January 11th 1990, Widson Pierre a Capricorn better known in the music industry by his stage name Fresh Da Zoe is known for his crazy flow and his unique Haitian accent.

Growing up in a family of seven Widson had  always been drawn to writing poetry. He started writing about the different struggles he experienced and saw growing up in Haiti. Friends and family soon realized that he had a knack for writing. In  2010 Fresh  left Haiti to live in the United States. He wanted a chance at the American dream. Fresh made a vow to himself that he would learn english to the best of his ability. He spent countless days and nights practicing speaking and writing english. His hard work would eventually soon pay off.  In 2013, he was approached by his soon to be group mate Patrick Lima who was  impressed by his style and the way he wrote. They exchanged information  and later on that day he presented him with an opportunity to be a part of a hip hop duo. Widson agreed and the two of them started the group ‘Freshman’, Patrick became Lima and Widson became Fresh. The duo performed at different events in Massachusetts,  Fresh Da Zoe still did not take the music thing very seriously because he felt insecure about his accent. Lima and a few of his other friends eventually sat down with him and told him not to let his accent hinder his growth as an artist, this made Fresh take his music more seriously.  Finally in April 2013, Freshman  released their first project, a single by the title “Get Em” . They followed this up with another single called Jewlz and continued making music. In early 2019 after achieving some minor successes as a duo Fresh and Lima decided to go their separate ways and pursue solo careers.  As a solo artist Fresh Da zoe started gaining momentum when he released his first single "No Sleep", he went on to release "What We Doing", "Shake It", "Voodoo Flow" & "No Time". The response from his supporters was swift but certain they loved his music. Fresh Da Zoe Mr. Voodoo Flow as he now likes to be called claims his inspiration for making music is to accomplish feats in the industry that no Haitian rapper has achieved. He wants people to feel at home when they listen to his music and understand that he comes from a place lower than the bottom and if he can make it you can too. That's his message to whoever can relate. In 2019 Fresh Da Zoe signed a publishing deal with Bentley records he is currently focused on broadening his fanbase and aggrandizing his musical ventures. You can listen to Fresh Da Zoes music on Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes.

Twitter: @FreshDaZoe

Instagram: @FreshDaZoe

YouTube: @FreshDaZoe

Facebook: @FreshDaZoe

AppleMusic: @FreshDaZoe

Spotify: @FreshDaZoe

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