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Certified Trap | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Certified Trap | PHOKIS HIP HOP BLOGSPOT | Culture Kings Radio Station - DAGR8FM

Did ATL Lil Trap House Pop Up Museum really represent the “Trap House” & “Trap Music” empire here in Overtown Miami where the most remembered Street Legends made Trap history in the early 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. ATL Lil Trap House came and centered itself in the heart of Overtown 9th & 2nd Ave for Martin Luther King (MLK) Weekend a three-day event. Making Lil Trap House pop-up a major social media headliner and eye-popping museum including a Rick Ross Belaire exhibit. Speaking of (Rick Ross) the original William “Rick Ross” Roberts Miami Rapper who was glorified for his trap style rhymes on his hit song White House was the embodiment of a Trap House Rapper.

Lil Trap house Pop-up Museum measured a little of 10’ x 18’sq. feet. Just a slice of Trap Music History compared to the original Trap House in Atlanta. They were able to implement some Miami artist like Ball Greezy, Kodak Black, Uncle Luke and Trick & Trina, but let us be real it failed to include some of Miami’s finest like E Class of Poe Boy Records, Jacki O, Pit Bull and JT Money of Poison Clan.

The Lil Trap House team most defiantly enforced the CDC guidelines for a safe and fun experience including but limited to guest who wanted to pose with their blunts in hand, and due to size of the museum guest were not allowed to observe to long. One of my favorite part of the exhibit was the Snow Man wall designed by Rubber Band Man (Mixed Media) that had 66 blocks of prop white cocaine. This one exhibit displayed the history behind The Boobie Boys who have gone down in gangster & lyrical lore as certified legends versed in the strength of street knowledge and hood justice. One of Miami’s most savage drug gang gangs, who allegedly killed to establish their turf and to retaliate against rivals.

Finally, the Rubber Band Man (TI) exhibit standing 6’6 with over hundred-thousands rubber bands representing one his legacy’s and Billboard Hot 100 hit song (Rubberband Man). That exhibit tied into Convertible Burt who was a part of The Miami Boys who were reported in the early 1980s in Southern Florida when drug dealers ("the boys from Miami") traveled northwards to cities like Orlando to deal crack cocaine. By 1986, the Miami Boys were operating in Atlanta, where an ounce of cocaine sold for triple the Miami price, displacing local small-time dealers.

When you come into this space, you see that Lil Trap House did they part in representing the Miami Trap Lifestyle & History. Telling the story of the artists, drug gangs and dealers like Avonda “Black Girl” Dowling who represented this genre here in Miami, that is running the world right now by placing this three-day pop-up museum in the heart of Overtown, people love it & love to see it.


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