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Extra Extra Reez "Tha Paperboy" | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

The Paperboy - DAGR8FM

At the corner of Lulu and Westnedge on the northside of Kalamazoo, Michigan is where you’d find up and coming artist “Tha Paperboy”. Growing up as a product of a poverty stricken neighborhood exposed to drugs, violence, and crime like the majority of his peers, Reez spent much of his childhood planning a way out. He needed an escape from the life that got his father arrested when he was 1 year old. Music was the avenue he chose. At the age of 12 he began writing his own material that he would use to perform and battle his peers and even family members such as his cousin. The feedback he received from his writings and performances inspired him to pursue music professionally at the age of 16. Around the same time, Reez moved away from his childhood block in Michigan to live with his mother in Indiana where he continued to hone his skills and develop as an artist.

Reluctant initially to leave everything he ever knew back in Kalamazoo, his mother eventually convinced him to try a fresh start somewhere new. It was here that he met people who had the same dreams and visions that he had which inspired him to collaborate with other artists and develop a fan base. His mother has always been his biggest supporter, constantly pushing him to pursue whatever his heart desired. In retrospect, Reez is incredibly thankful for her unwavering love, support and guidance. He knows the trajectory of his life would probably have completely different had he stayed in Kalamazoo.

As he began to really pursue music, Reez also became a huge fan of music. He spent much of his upbringing listening to legends like Tupac and was even influenced by the likes of Kevin Gates, Starlito, T.I., Don Trip and Twista. Remnants of each of these artists resonates in Tha Paperboy’s music in some way, shape or form. This is especially true in Reez’s hit track “Catch Me” which is available on all major music platforms. This club banger is definitely a track that is out to “make something shake” all over the world. The west coast influence is quite evident here with the melodies, beat and delivery very reminiscent of Snoop, N.W.A, Y.G. and Tupac. Definitely a track to listen to when you’re cruising around on your 6-4 sipping on Gin and Juice.

Currensy, Reez Tha Paperboy is working on a new mixtape called “Construction Paper” set to be released in the third quarter of 2020 as well as another project titled “New Paper” in quarter four. He hopes to one day collaborate with industry heavy hitters such as Kevin Gates and Roddy Rich and Mo3. The main message that Tha Paperboy wants to convey to his fans through his music is that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Never give up on your dreams, the struggle is real but the hustle, drive and determination are what is needed to persevere. Ultimately, Reez tha Paperboy wants the world to know he is a budding artist from the Midwest and is, without a doubt, up next.

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