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Gospel Gabe | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Gospel Gabe - Phokis Hip Hop Blogspot

Gospel Gabe was born Gabriel Wilson in the tough streets of Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in the '80s, Gabe spent much of his childhood very active in church with his grandfather. With his biological father being absent for the vast majority of his life, his grandfather was his primary father figure. Together they would sing gospel songs as well as recite the holy word. Here is where began to develop a lifelong relationship with the Lord that would transcend the tests of time.

Along with the Christian faith, Gospel Gabe was also heavily influenced by the hip hop music of the 80s and 90s. A time filled with dope MC's that rapped about real life experiences and visions for the future. Artists such as Nas and KRS-One are whom he shaped his flow and delivery after. However, he was very adamant that the overall narrative of his music be about God's grace, mercy and glory. Gospel Gabe strives be a vessel through which God can convey his holy word.

Eventually, Gabe's love for music and God compelled him to start writing his own music. He began performing his work to friends anywhere he could. His popularity grew immensely; so much so, that he gained the attention of many labels looking to sign him. He refused to sign to any of them because he wanted to maintain his creative freedom and not be a vessel of God that would be filtered by any particular record label's expectations of him. He wanted to remained as authentic as possible to deliver God's message exactly as he intended it.

The recent release of his first single titled "King is Near", available now on all major music streaming platforms, is a prime example for Gospel Gabe's reverence for the Lord. This incredible track talks about the importance of giving your life to God and letting him use you for good. It also shows how imperative it is to establish a relationship with God because soon God will be back to claim his people. As Gabe puts it, "The king is coming, the king is near..." we must make sure to remain immersed in the anointing rather than tormented by fear.

As for the future, Gabe has many new projects on the horizon. The first of which is a new single called "You a Superstar" currently out now. He is open to collabs with other artists who share the same devotion to conveying God's word to the masses. His goal is to continue to make music that inspires others and show them what a merciful and loving God he serves. For that very reason Gospel Gabe dubs himself "the artist of the people". His purpose here on Earth is to shine God's light for as far as the eye can see.

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