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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Trigod Lundunn

One of the hottest budding artists coming out of Detroit right now is TriGod Lundunn. Born and raised in “Motor City” or “Motown” as some people refer to it, LunDunn has been exposed to the rich musical culture of the city from a very young age. Jazz, blues, R&B, gospel are pivotal elements of Detroit’s long history and have also heavily influenced LunDunn’s artistic development. It all began in his adolescent years when TriGod used to engage in rap battles with peers in middle school. These freestyling sessions and cyphers quickly translated into raps, songs and poetry that he started reciting to friends and family. His biggest musical inspiration is his mother who really peaked his interest with her tantalizing voice. He grew up listening to her sing in local church choirs and the effect her soothing melodies had on the congregation. It was at the time of her passing that TriGod LunDunn transitioned his focus from rap/hip hop to singing and R&B.

TriGod’s music is a refreshing mix of all the different aspects of his upbringing. One of his latest tracks “Ying and Yang” is a perfect example. The content and lyricism is very evident like that of a rapper or MC, but the delivery is much more harmonic with a focus on soothing melodies to appease his audiences. This creates a sound that is potent enough to convey a concise message meanwhile also being calming enough to be considered “chill music”. Versatility is one of TriGod’s best attributes which is reflected in his uncanny ability to adjust and adapt to a wide range of music genres spanning from hip hop all the way to country music.

As for the future, TriGod has many goals for himself. First is the release of his newest single “Fooled Me” scheduled from late summer/early fall. He also has aspirations of working with artists by the likes of Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Kevin Gates, Ty Dolla $ign and many more. TriGod hopes to use his versatility to one day crossover to big screens motion pictures. Ultimately, LunDunn aims to inspire others by being the most authentic version of himself. The biggest message he wants to resonate with his supporters is the importance of never giving up on yourself despite whatever challenges life presents.

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