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New Jersey Lo-Fi McGtheRapper | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

New Jersey Lo-Fi MCG The Rapper | Best Miami Music Radio Station - DAGR8FM

MCGtheRapper is a New Jersey based rapper and songwriter who started making music when he was 16 years old. He was first introduced to music by his family where he was exposed to mostly hip hop and urban varieties of music but eventually expanded into other genres as he grew older. He started small, mainly on Youtube just rapping over popular instrumentals for fun. After a while he wrote enough content to start putting together musical projects. During high school he handed out homemade CDs to his friends and anyone who would listen to his music. He continued to improve and diversify his rapping skills releasing multiple mixtapes. His consistency and hard work began to pay off as he generated immense buzz and notoriety amongst his peers around his music.

Hip hop has always been a part of MCGtheRapper’s existence. He draws from his life experiences and creates music about life, love, and anything that comes to his mind. During his college years is where he really started being influenced by all different types of music. Everything from Jazz to R&B is quite evident in his musical production. The combination of all these different styles creates MCGtheRapper’s signature style of music which he calls “ LoFI HipHop”. One of the hottest songs out right now off of his new EP “Therapy” titled “Death of Me” is a prime example; low fidelity, low frequency beats mixed with soothing aspects of jazz like the saxophone and the piano to create an atmospheric, instrumental soundscape. Infused within this orchestra of sounds are chill, relaxing almost reminiscent lyrics that create nostalgia of the good times with friends and family. From his music listeners can gain insight into his life, his perspective and his experiences while, simultaneously, enjoying a production meant to ease the mind, body and soul.

Currently, MCGtheRapper is working on new content and hopes to eventually expand into doing tours and collaborations. Some of his dream collaborations are artists that he is greatly inspired by such as Tyler the Creator, Childish Gambino, XV, Isaiah Rashad, and Saba. This man does everything in his power to connect with his fans and try to inspire. All in all, MCGtheRapper is here to show the world what he has to offer. His EP “Therapy” is the result of a decade of writing and recording music. He’s truly evolved into an incredible rapper with much more potential to grow.

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