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Say Hello 2 Melo Da Don: Underground Artist | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Melo Da Don | Underground Music Artist | DAGR8FM

J’Air Edwards, professionally known as Melo Da Don is a sixteen year old former three sport athlete and upcoming Rapper, Underground Music artist in high school with a 3.8 GPA. "I’ve overcame homelessness, poverty, police involvement, and constant death around me to make it where I stand today" says Melo Da Don. Growing up in Harrisburg, PA with ties to LA and Brooklyn and parents who tried there best to raise him in a healthy environment, but life seemed to not want him to succeed. He claimed the south side of Harrisburg, PA. His family is full of hustlers & gangbangers. Since the 5th grade, Melo Da Don hasn't gone more than a year without being homeless/evicted from his home. Melo has two older brothers & an older sister, one brother from Brooklyn and the other from Jamaica/Philly. Melo's older sister is also from Philly. His parents both were hustlers a majority of his life and after his brother got incarcerated when he was fourteen he jumped off the porch at that moment. Melo had a good life in the early years but the older he got the more he seen in his life for what it really was. Today, Melo Da Don resides down south with his aunt currently on pace to graduate early and plan on having enough money to buy his own house somewhere on the west coast in order to fully pursue his rap/music career following graduation while staying out of the way of negativity trying to get rich.

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