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Castilian Tibo: Florida Urban Music | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Castilian Tibo | Florida Urban Music Scene | DAGR8FM

TiBo, short for Tina Borrero, is a hip hop/ Rap Artist bursting onto the Florida urban music scene. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, TiBo migrated with her Puerto Rican family to the New Port Richey area as a child and almost immediately fell in love with southern hip hop culture. Everything from the style, the vernacular and sheer ingenuity of rap artists from the South influenced her music. This is especially true of Memphis rapper Project Pat - one of TiBo’s favorite artists. So much so, that at the age of 15 she began writing songs as well as freestyling with her peers.

During the early part of her career she spent much of her time under the wing of her older brother “Tha Don Borrero” who is also a hip hop/rap artist. She gives him most of the credit for keeping her motivated and helping her navigate the music industry wisely. They spend a lot of time together writing, freestyling and basically doing anything necessary to hone their craft. Back in their hometown she is known as his “Secret Weapon” because of her profound lyrical prowess. This collaboration proved vital to her overall music development.

Tibo’s sound is a creative mixture of southern rap music and raw New England swagger. Many of her tracks unveil her confident, optimistic go-getter spirit. She is always talking about staying focused on her grind and how no tolerance for anyone trying to get in her way to the top. Loyalty from her peers and putting in the work necessary to provide for her son are her primary concerns. These ideals are reflected in her music through tracks like “Keep it Real” where she talks about the shady, ingenuine behavior that often occurs within friendships. She also emphasizes the importance of “staying true to yourself” because individuality and an uninhibited creative outlet are necessary factors for any successful artist.

Overall, TiBo makes music for the bold, carefree, unapologetic hustlers of the world who are keen on achieving greatness. Her main focus is to be unique and to stay true to her individuality which has won her many supporters over the years. Making it into the mainstream hip hop scene is her ultimate goal and she is looking forward to all the blood, sweat and tears that await her on her journey.

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