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Fogey The Gr8: Hip Hop Music Artist | Phokis Hip Hop

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Fogey the hip hop music artist | DAGR8FM

From a very small town in central Washington state is where you’ll find the very talented hip hop artist Fogey. For over a decade Fogey has been producing and performing music that speaks on the highs/lows of his past and all the silver linings that he has learned along the way. From small showcase events to relatively large music festivals, Fogey has opened for many industry heavy hitters such as E-40, Slim Thug, The Ying Yang Twins, Layzie Bone, Paul Wall, Madchild, Project Pat along with countless others. His talent and consistency has transitioned him from a nervous “no name” to a confident headliner. Through his music, listeners gain insight into his life story as well as the many morals and messages from those past experiences to inspire and uplift. Fogey’s love for music began during his childhood from his parents who were both music enthusiasts. However, it wasn’t until middle school that his obsession with music, especially hip hop music, took off. Fogey, who was always an avid writer, began writing raps and performing freestyles with peers after school. His talents were definitely not going unnoticed as he started landing local gigs and really creating a buzz around his name.

Although he was developing quite well musically, academically he was deteriorating. As an adolescent, Fogey struggled significantly with drug and alcohol abuse. These were adverse reflections of his troubled childhood. Growing up, he often saw his father abuse not only his mother but also drugs and alcohol as well. His behavior had gotten so bad that he was expelled from two different schools by his sophomore year. Everything hit the fan when Fogey, now at his third high school, was caught with possession of marijuana on school grounds and was subjected to expulsion from Washington state schools entirely. He was forced to drop out of school, move out on his own and build a life for himself. Fogey worked very hard to find a way out of his predicament. He started selling the same drugs that he has previously been abusing and grew a pretty successful business out of it. However, his woes transcended far beyond the educational realm as he began running into problems with the law and crime. The pinnacle of which being his pregnant wife and young child being robbed at gunpoint while he was away at work. At the same time, he was laid off from his job and subsequently lost his home. This pivotal moment is what made Fogey retire from the drug life and focus mainly on his music. He vowed never to jeopardize his family’s safety again.

After the robbery, he did a bit of soul searching to find his ultimate destiny. Eventually, he had an epiphany - a bit of divine intervention, if you will- that helped him understand his true calling, music. Immediately, Fogey got back to writing music and linked with producers from near and far to get to work. Shortly afterwards, he released his first EP self titled “Fogey” available now on Spotify and many other music platforms. One of the standout tracks on this project is “Do You Ever” available now. This record talks about finding the strength and courage to overcome whatever situations life throws at us. He also talks about the importance of positive thinking and self talk. Basically, the song is about how loneliness, depression, and pain can sometimes consume our lives but ultimately life is worth living. None of us are ever really alone, all we have to have the courage to seek help. Beyond the lyrical content, this track is produced exceptionally well and Fogey’s sound and delivery is unmatched. Honestly, “Do You Ever” is a masterpiece with an incredible message that we continue to captivate the hearts of millions for many years to come.

Nowadays, Fogey’s main focus is his music and family. Currently, Fogey is in the studio working on new projects set to release late 2020 or early 2021. He hopes one day to collaborate with the legendary producer Timbaland, artist Joyner Lucas, and singer Halsey. He has already realized some of his wildest dreams with two of his favorite artists E-40 and Madchild providing features on his tracks “Show Me Love” and “Born To Be Free” respectively. Through his music, Fogey ultimately aims to convey that no matter what obstacles you may face in life, never lose sight of your goals.

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